Rejoinder [noun]

Definition of Rejoinder:

answer, reply

Synonyms of Rejoinder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rejoinder:

Sentence/Example of Rejoinder:

"I suppose it brought out a few," was Mr. Galloway's rejoinder.

Montague was quick in his rejoinder, though he made it at a venture.

Her rejoinder came in a low, grieved monotone: "Did you say had hoped?"

"It's my work," said Turkey, in a decisive tone, which left me no room for rejoinder.

The speech was uttered to induce a rejoinder, but she made none.

Loyd could not help smiling, though scarcely pleased at this rejoinder.

"Well, he sent his regards to you, Dave," was Belle's rejoinder.

By way of rejoinder he asked her if she desired of him the surrender of his seat.

Even Hilbert looked pleased at the effect which his rejoinder had produced.

I ventured no rejoinder to these words of self-condemnation.