Rebuttal [noun]

Definition of Rebuttal:


Synonyms of Rebuttal:

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Sentence/Example of Rebuttal:

Then came a determination to redeem herself in the rebuttal!

Montcalm waited for some rebuttal from his supporters, but none was forthcoming.

Alhamid felt it necessary to make a mild speech in rebuttal.

Only one witness was called by the commonwealth in rebuttal, and his evidence was valueless.

However, he offered no rebuttal, nor did he reprove his daughter.

And this argument he offers in rebuttal to Odysseus about resisting the onslaught of Hector.

He expected a cooling stream of comfort and a rebuttal of what the Captain said.

I will honor it, therefore, with a rebuttal from Junius himself.

The second rebuttal was released three months later on 14 June.

What argument could Ross offer in rebuttal to the simple logic of his captors?