Appellants [noun]

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The appellant states the breach of articles to have been committed between Blackfriars and Waterloo Bridges.'

Brian de Bois-Gilbert stood ready for the combat, but a champion was still wanting for the appellant.

Plumarium dicitur opus acu factum quod Græci a licionum varietate multiplici polymitarium appellant.

A jury of matrons was impanelled, and made an examination of the lady appellant.

"Sir Yvo de Taillebois is the appellant," said the high-constable.

He came therefore to be in the same situation as the appellant in criminal cases.

Matthew Paris speaks of it in 1256 as a Frisian weapon: "Frisiones cum jaculis qu vulgariter gavelocos appellant."

Induxerunt etiam abstinentiam ab esu eorum qu animalia appellant, ingratos se exhibentes ergo eum qui universa creavit Deum.

Des filles du peuple et de la campagne s'appellant çalles, à cause de la "cale" qui leur servait de coiffure.

He generally came in as mediator, and finished as leading witness for the appellant.