Unresolved [adjective]

Definition of Unresolved:

uncertain; not settled

Opposite/Antonyms of Unresolved:

Sentence/Example of Unresolved:

One question still is unresolved,--Why do frogs stay and be tickled?

He put aside the unresolved perplexity and took Barney first.

That the question of a God may be unresolved in his mind, all he has to do is to refuse a hearing to the question.

Just here, however, there was an unresolved discord in the imaginative theme.

Thus there is a tragic antithesis in his character—an unresolved discord which shows itself again and again in his Pensées.

But, since matters had gone thus far, it was quite out of the question to let them stop there unresolved.

His unresolved antithesis131 is interpreted either diversely or with a difference of emphasis.

And these are not his only unresolved dualities, even in the Critique of Pure Reason.

A list of unresolved printer errors can be found at the end of the book.

The present position is one of unresolved discord between the economic and the equalitarian schools.