Defamatory [adjective]

Definition of Defamatory:

libelous, slanderous

Synonyms of Defamatory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Defamatory:

Sentence/Example of Defamatory:

The legal demand letter prominently alleged “demonstrably false information and defamatory statements about Smartmatic” that were made by guests Giuliani and Powell on shows hosted by Dobbs and Maria Bartiromo.

Describing this claim as “baseless,” Aleman’s attorney replied that Aleman “steadfastly and wholly denies making any defamatory statements, including the ones generally alleged in your letter.”

Prospect’s claim appears to refer to a written response from Aleman’s attorney to its assertion, in a letter threatening legal action, that Aleman had made three specific “defamatory” statements about the company to ProPublica.

In a letter responding to the company, Aleman’s lawyer denied that his client made any defamatory statements.

A Prospect lawyer also wrote Aleman, accusing him of making “false and defamatory” statements to ProPublica.

A person has no cause of action against another for defamatory words spoken to him; they must have been heard by a third person.

As the gist of the tort consists of the injury done to one's reputation, the defamatory statement must have been published.

No intent can, make a defamatory publication good, nothing can make it have a good tendency; truth is not pleadable.

These defamatory statements were usually first noticed in some religious paper or periodical.

This lampooner had the honour of being hanged at Rome for his defamatory publications.