Exalting [verb]

Definition of Exalting:

promote, praise

Synonyms of Exalting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exalting:

Sentence/Example of Exalting:

We like to exalt the boundary-pushers in pop, which is a funny thing to do when we’re talking about feel-good music.

I should rejoice to see her passing through a discipline so chastening and exalting.

And these judgments upon proud, self-exalting, God-forgetting nations, are not confined to the past.

She gave her mind to his voice, following whither it went; half was in air, higher than the swallow's, exalting him.

But this exalting influence cannot exist in society without an attractive power in those ladies who compose it.

Under a pretence of exalting the dignity, they undermine the very foundations of this House.

We do not quite understand the brew of study fermenting an accumulation of knowledge, and imagination exalting it.

In this process he completed the work of the Revolution by exalting the third estate to ascendancy in the nation.

Even the utilities that are becoming the custom of our time, have their refining and exalting influences.

I feel the delight of an exalting sacrifice in keeping vigil over you when you know it not.