Halo [noun]

Definition of Halo:

ring of light

Synonyms of Halo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Halo:


Sentence/Example of Halo:

Amazon Basics offers a line of sturdy outdoor space heaters constructed of aluminum, plastic, and steel, that create a halo of heat in an impressive 9-foot radius.

Another problem here is that, since 2016 or so, many liberals have put a halo over the head of the FBI.

Light focusing tech on top of the diodes helps prevent a phenomenon called blooming, in which light from bright pixels leaks into surrounding dark areas to create ugly halos around objects on-screen.

He chose the one that looked like it would fit Illing’s finger — gold plastic with a fake diamond in a halo setting.

According to the standard story of the Milky Way, these stars should be swarming throughout the halo, the first part of the galaxy to form.

The bright sun beamed onto her smiling face, casting her in a golden glow, as if with a halo, as droplets glimmered on her cheeks.

Kaaret and his colleagues hoped to investigate this question by measuring the size and shape of the Milky Way’s halo.

The sun was on Evelyn Clifford's hair, burnishing it to a halo of gold under the white hat.

With the halo of this action still surrounding him, in March, 1796, he first came into direct connection with Bonaparte.

For one deathless moment his genius had carried him to the heights, and a white blaze of publicity had given him a halo of glory.