Aureole [noun]

Definition of Aureole:

radiant circle

Synonyms of Aureole:



Opposite/Antonyms of Aureole:


Sentence/Example of Aureole:

Its scintillating rays glorified the dark corner with the aureole of a great hope.

Even her pretty hair seemed to have acquired a nervous life, and stood out in a quivering aureole.

He was small and chunky in build, and nervous in his mind, and had red fuzzy hair that stuck up around his head like an aureole.

Round the big winged arm of the chair a wonderful, bright aureole of hair showed suddenly.

He was clearly revealed by the lights, and was magnified by the aureole of tinted fog which surrounded him.

Her face was very pale; the rich waving hair encircled it as with an aureole.

An aureole of something more than human, of something entirely spiritual, seemed to transfigure her loveliness.

The head of Werner von Orseln immediately appeared, his grizzled hair blown out like a misty aureole about his temples.

The number of adorers he had had in all classes made an aureole of glory round his head.

I hope that beautiful face given to him in the pictorial newspaper is really his; it is worthy of an aureole.