Doll [noun]

Definition of Doll:

toy person

Synonyms of Doll:

Opposite/Antonyms of Doll:


Sentence/Example of Doll:

Then move on to what Magavi calls “interpretive statements,” such as “It looks like your doll is feeling scared,” or “You seem sad when you’re taking care of your patients.”

Another set of dolls arrived after they freaked out a doll collector’s dog.

One California mother contacted them about a doll that looked harmless, with a cute face and long dark hair.

When little boys reject dolls, we do not learn about their innate abilities to care for infants.

The heavy man unconsciously shook him in his powerful grasp, as a child might shake a doll.

If you can get a small skin, fit it to a doll the way you think the Cave-men fitted skins to their bodies.

And there was Louis the Goon—his little clay pigeon—in one of the booths with a doll.

Her whole soul hangs upon the lips of a beautiful baby doll that seems to be calling her his mummy.

But once when Hepzebiah fell in the pond after her doll, Rover swam in and caught her dress in his mouth and brought her to shore.

She looks, a little languidly still, at her doll, which sleeps beside her own bed.