Tightness [noun]

Definition of Tightness:


Synonyms of Tightness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tightness:

Sentence/Example of Tightness:

The moisture in his eyes deepened and a tightness gripped his throat.

Does it make a higher or a lower sound as you increase the tightness?

There was a new expression in Arcot's eyes, a tightness about his mouth.

"We've done our best," there was a tightness in Miss Sallie's voice.

He laid a hand on my shoulder and my arm ached from the tightness of his grip.

The rule of safety, in regard to the tightness of dress, is this.

Now that she had decided to talk to Yellow Hair, Redbird felt a tightness in her throat.

There was a tightness in his throat; his head throbbed and hurt.

The sheer joy of the thing brought a tightness to my throat, and I sniffled.

But a tightness gathered about my heart, for I could sniff what was coming.