Proximity [noun]

Definition of Proximity:

nearness to something

Synonyms of Proximity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Proximity:

Sentence/Example of Proximity:

She dropped into her chair, with a flash of resentment at the proximity of the other table.

The situation was, however, complicated by the proximity of the Afghan frontier.

He believed afterward that before he saw him he had felt the proximity of Slade.

She made him appear at his best, but she cheapened that best by her proximity.

Does that mean that I should take advantage of its proximity and leave?

It was youth and poverty and proximity, and everything was young and kindly.

In its proximity were encamped a cavalry regiment of the Maharajah of Kachmyr.

But the apparent differences, dependent on proximity, are most marked and important.

It was at least some comfort to be out of the proximity of Brother Paul.

He put his wife from him with a strong shudder, as if her proximity stung him.