Flame [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flame:

We used it to prepare a few rib eyes, and the virtual temperature controls were helpful to get just the right amount of heat and flame out of our wood.

Stoichiometric flames are the Goldilocks variety, with just the right amount of fuel for complete combustion.

Replacing the flammable liquid in lithium-ion batteries would tame their risk of flame.

The latter, however, was successful in mitigating the danger by putting out the flames.

Launching rice and its fixings allows a chef to cook it over really hot flames without burning.

Like many another cavalier, he had a flame in every country, or rather, in every town which he visited.

The very soil in which it grew must be burned out with the flame of avenging justice.

The bushes seemed to burst into smoke and flame, and then came a crashing volley in return.

A fiery intensity of light lay over it, as though any moment it must burst into sheets of flame.

It is very combustible, burns with a pale blue flame, and is converted into water.