Cauldron [noun]

Definition of Cauldron:

metal pot

Synonyms of Cauldron:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cauldron:


Sentence/Example of Cauldron:

Strangers sat shoulder to shoulder, passing around cauldrons of gumbo and plates of jambalaya.

Its outer layers are a bubbling cauldron of hot gas and plasma.

Many have never been able to win a Masters, even if it suited their game, amid the emotional cauldron of 20-deep crowds.

He stresses that Georgia was a cauldron of violence in the early 20th century but argues that this is not enough to explain the passage to the Great Terror.

When a bowl of broth was taken from the cauldron, a bowl of water and a few more stock ingredients were added to replace that which was taken.

Calendau compares his sufferings to those of a soul in hell, condemned to the cauldron of oil.

"One would call such a place as this 'the devil's cauldron' in our land," said Howel.

We are far from knowing just what happens when we pour acids and alkalies and foods into this witches' cauldron of blood.

Then Robinson struck a light, and right glad he was to find a cauldron full of gelatinized beef soup.

Look, do you see that large cauldron of water which I am obliged to keep on the fire!