Scintillate [verb]

Definition of Scintillate:


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Sentence/Example of Scintillate:

They did not scintillate, but rather glistened with a steady greenish lustre.

And they shone steadily: they did not scintillate, they were calmly glorious.

Whenever he writes of himself, his pen seems fairly to scintillate.

He may have been an excellent ostler, but did not scintillate as an officers' steward.

It should be well burnt, and should not scintillate or smoke.

He was on the defensive, and it was a position, as in all of his matches, in which he does not scintillate.

You only glimmer dully—your fingers do not sparkle and dazzle and scintillate as they did.

They do not scintillate nearly so much as he does, and they do not give that same uncomfortable feeling of internal strain.

Voltaire's tales are, in narrative form, criticisms of belief or opinion which scintillate with ironic wit.

The chief had never been addressed in this audacious fashion, and his eyes seemed to scintillate from under his scowling brows.