Barrelling [adjective]

Definition of Barrelling:

very fast

Opposite/Antonyms of Barrelling:

Sentence/Example of Barrelling:

Each canister is a little larger than a nuclear fuel rod assembly—more like a glove around the spent fuel than the vast barrels at San Onofre—and they are shuttled down the hole in a chain of two or three.

While the price has recovered from April’s negative price plunge, per-barrel it is still down about 38% from the start of the year.

The Alberta government estimated in 2019 that the most expensive mining-style projects’ initial break-even price is as steep as $75 or $85 per barrel.

One argument the industry likes to make is that Alberta’s oil sands have dramatically reduced their emissions per barrel, which have historically been among the highest in the world.

CalGEM got revenue too — the agency is completely funded by the industry it regulates, and this year will receive 67 cents for every barrel of oil produced.

But then after three weeks or a months barrelling, you must bottle it.

This must have been stronger stuff than molasses and water, to have been worth barrelling and sending across the water.