Instantaneous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Instantaneous:

If you come to need that instantaneous jolt of dopamine that comes from discovering some new corner of the internet, you’ll end up needing more and more stimulation to keep feeling fresh as time goes on.

Your results with SEO won’t be instantaneous, but you will be glad you put extra effort into optimizing your site’s SEO down the road.

At every moment, our existence takes place only on the instantaneous, knife-edge of Now, which can never be captured and held immobile.

In contrast, South Korean officials gave near instantaneous approval to commercial labs, and they quickly began testing 10,000 people a day.

The moves also will temporarily alter the look and feel of Twitter, a service built on instantaneous conversation, quips, and breaking news.

The vision—it had been an instantaneous flash after all and nothing more—had left his mind completely for the time.

He would have welcomed instantaneous sleep—ten hours of refreshing, dreamless sleep.

Its success was instantaneous, but Campbell was deficient in energy and perseverance and did not follow it up.

Here is an instantaneous photograph one of our boys got of the battle; it's for sale on every news-stand.

It was an instantaneous apparition of absolute bodily substance, which carried its own warrant of complete bona fides.