Crumbling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Crumbling:

Beyond the village, on a rise of ground, was the church, its square gray tower crumbling down upon its ancient graves.

In this way they passed beyond the deserted and crumbling village and gained the high-road that led homewards through the forest.

The few who escaped our swords are penned up in the Residency, and its walls are now crumbling before our guns.

The site of the castle is occupied by the railway station, though a few crumbling walls of the former structure still remain.

In all cases there is a stairway, often long and steep, crumbling with time and worn with the feet of pious generations.

At B will be observed the employment of masonry to strengthen the crumbling walls of the friable tufa.

Several of the loculi, it will be perceived, are built of masonry, in consequence of the crumbling nature of the soil.

With what power would come the promise of the resurrection of the body, amid the crumbling relics of mortality!

This, although the most recent part of the building, appeared to be crumbling away and was undergoing extensive repairs.

The petals were brown and crumbling to dust, but still gave out a faint perfume, which Eloise detected.