Dislocation [noun]

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While some stocks may suffer dislocations because of Tesla-related selling, Sutton at Citadel Securities is confident the broader market structure is well equipped to handle the turbulence.

But while the tenth man still labors, the machine, though creaking with its dislocation, can still go on.

Even a minor dislocation breaks down a certain part of the machinery of society.

Sunshine blazed from Leonti's eyes, he smiled so broadly that even the hair on his brow stirred with the dislocation caused.

There is in the base h somewhat less chance of accidental dislocation, and somewhat greater solidity and weight.

For here all seems fallen asunder, in wide-yawning dislocation.

So soon as serious political and social dislocation occurred, the money mechanism began to work stiffly and inaccurately.

And there was a great crowding and dislocation of goods at the dpts because there was insufficient road transport.

These figures enable one to gauge the industrial dislocation caused by the war.

The utter dislocation of all home comforts occupied the foremost rank.