Osmosis [noun]

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In other words, it receives its nourishment from the mother by absorption or osmosis.

I do believe in the osmosis of evil, in the diffusion of villainy, in the corruption of the soul.

It then passes into the cells by osmosis, and there becomes part of the cell sap.

Without the process of osmosis we should be unable to use much of the food we eat.

Nourishment passes through them by a simple process of osmosis.

The first experiment in physiogeny was the discovery of osmosis by the Abb Nollet in 1748.

This osmosis is an indispensable condition in the vital process.

The peptones and sugar pass by osmosis into the blood-vessels of the portal system and thence to the liver.

The molecular concentration of tissue and blood fluid is constantly being equalized by the process of osmosis.

The interchange between the fluid outside the vessels and the blood fluid takes place by means of filtration and osmosis.