Repressed [verb]

Definition of Repressed:

keep back, hold in

Synonyms of Repressed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Repressed:

Sentence/Example of Repressed:

Grant repressed an impulse to shout, and used the breath for an extra burst of speed.

She was exactly the same as when they had parted, just as handsome, just as scornful, just as repressed.

His breathing was a little quickened; but he repressed all other signs of agitation.

But Rawson knew that that slim body was tense with repressed emotion.

Imagine “swell up” from Sandford, the repressed and decorous!

Juve repressed any sign of the satisfaction this declaration gave him.

She repressed a violent gesture, for her patience was deserting her.

Again he repressed a gesture of despair—six thousand francs!

And now the sense of gratefulness cannot longer be repressed.

It was with difficulty that I repressed the desire to tell him he was quite welcome.