Fallen [adjective]

Definition of Fallen:

disgraced, ruined

Synonyms of Fallen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fallen:

Sentence/Example of Fallen:

Luckily, the massive old-growth trees we were about to ski were more protected from the wind, holding deep, light, dry snow that would blow over our heads as we jumped off fallen logs and rock drops.

As Spain, however, has fallen from the high place she once held, her colonial system has also gone down.

My thought was to keep pushing in troops from "W" Beach until the enemy had fallen back to save themselves from being cut off.

Mr. Mayne said something, but Malcolm never knew what it was, for Winifred fainted, and would have fallen had he not caught her.

Two years later this promising recruit, having fallen foul of the military authorities, had to leave the service under a cloud.

The latter gentleman was wondering whether he had fallen into a dream that he should wake up from in the morning.

The white light of the moon had fallen upon the world like the mystery and the softness of sleep.

The crest-fallen astronomer plodded on his weary way, another example of a fool and his money soon parted.

The percentage of gold to the notes—the main demand liability—has, of course, fallen from about 65 to 35 per cent.

The rebel Planner had fallen from his allegiance, and was making his terms with the enemy.