Substructure [noun]

Definition of Substructure:

support for something

Synonyms of Substructure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Substructure:


Sentence/Example of Substructure:

Nothing is stable without a substructure of sagacious purpose.

Dome and towers are planted upon a substructure no less admirable.

And as to the science of the game, with its substructure of nerve, he possessed it in excelsis.

Surely there must be unification of the superstructure as well as of the substructure.

In a bridge there may be distinguished the superstructure and the substructure.

They formed a substructure on which the sawdust had been heaped.

The unevenness of the ground was so considerable that a substructure of masonry was here necessary.

The cornice of this substructure is of gray limestone, in form much resembling the characteristic scotia of Egyptian architecture.

Statues stood in its intercolumniations, while the zophoros and substructure were carved with reliefs.

It was pulled down in 1547, but the substructure was left standing, and some private houses were erected upon it.