Curriculum [noun]

Definition of Curriculum:

course of study

Synonyms of Curriculum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curriculum:


Sentence/Example of Curriculum:

While parents consider their options for the fall, they are searching for homeschool schedules and curriculums to inform their decisions.

I lead an education nonprofit that has worked for the last 15 years to build curricula for the skills young people will need to thrive in the future.

Charter schools, like e3 Civic High, are also moving quickly to adapt their curriculum to reflect underrepresented communities.

Within a week, she reworked her standard curriculum and launched coronavirus-specific training in two local hospitals, expanding to two more hospitals shortly after.

Medina said he talked to San Diego Unified teachers who teach the class for guidance on curriculum and instruction.

Longer term, a committee of various stakeholders will begin looking at the district’s hiring practices, the possible addition of new curriculum or changes to staff training, among other things.

Poland has turned to video games as part of its school curriculum.

Shawn Takeuchi, a spokesman for SDPD, which helped develop the local courses, said they built off the curriculum laid out by the state.

The current math curriculum isn’t preparing students well for either the workforce or the classes they will take in college.

These courses coupled with the original fundamental courses provided a rich curriculum for the public school children of Virginia.