Pampering [verb]

Definition of Pampering:

serve one's every need, whim

Synonyms of Pampering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pampering:

Sentence/Example of Pampering:

As a nation, our people are pampering themselves and living for their own pleasures.

It never had been done when he was a school-boy, carefully protected from pampering.

You are pampering me here, and to pamper an invalid is bad; it keeps him an invalid.

The evil consequences of his long months of pampering disappeared.

He does not believe in pampering children, but in making them self-reliant.

All this pampering of the poor is playing the very deuce with the country.

With all this pampering it grew so fast that in a month it had outgrown its house.

It will not be supposed that I here mean the stuffing or pampering of the body.

All this is not pampering the worker or making concessions to him.

Yes, I do that; yet isn't there danger of pampering gluttony?