Placating [verb]

Definition of Placating:

soothe, pacify

Synonyms of Placating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Placating:

Sentence/Example of Placating:

But now, upon the heels of his placating words, he abruptly shot.

Far from placating the gloomy Jim, this seemed only to awake his suspicions.

He succeeded in placating the wrath of the Marquis of Caylus.

And Madame Rosalie's tone, though courteous, had not been eager or placating.

It has nothing to do with placating or propitiating the Goddess.

"You certainly are an artist, Henriette," I answered, desirous of placating her.

When she spoke her voice suggested a placating of this stranger who was her son.

His voice, when he spoke again, was not ironical, as it had been; it was placating.

Send a well-guarded, placating embassy to him and to Cotubanama.

Blinking his eyes rapidly, for they closed like the shutter of a camera, he made a placating gesture with both huge furry hands.