Satiation [noun]

Definition of Satiation:


Opposite/Antonyms of Satiation:

Sentence/Example of Satiation:

The strained cells, filled to satiation, were given more and more food.

The promise of satiation, of inevitability, steeped his being in a pleasant lethargy.

Delicacies of fish and flesh and hitherto unheard-of fruits were served up to me to satiation.

To work for any other end than satiation, it is necessary that man should feel wants beyond the want created by mere hunger.

Somewhat nettled she showed displeasure, charged him with the fickleness of satiation.

He seeks those things that satisfy the senses, he attempts the satiation of the lower cravings.

The only ambition of this great powerful frame was to do nothing, to grovel in idleness and satiation from hour to hour.