Distension [noun]

Definition of Distension:

increase, swelling

Synonyms of Distension:

Opposite/Antonyms of Distension:

Sentence/Example of Distension:

It is capable of considerable distension, and after retraction, to allow of the child passing down it from the Womb.

It presently reduced the anasarcous swellings, but made no alteration in the distension of the abdomen.

As the distension of the belly had been very great, a swathe was applied, and drawn gradually tighter as the water was evacuated.

This kind of ant has a distension of the abdomen in which honey is stored by the workers for cases of need.

His mouth was closed, but his nostrils seemed undergoing a rhythmical contraction and distension most interesting and unusual.

There is noticeable distension of the joint capsule—a characteristic pendant pouching protrusion.

As a result of acute synovitis a chronic synovial distension of the tarsal sheath occurs.

Distension of the capsular ligament of the tibial tarsal (tibioastragular) joint with synovia is commonly known as bog spavin.

The opposite condition of repletion may also excite wakefulness through painful distension of the stomach and bowels.

The membrane of its great head seemed to bulge with greater distension; the knotted blood-vessels were gorged with purple blood.