Hedonism [noun]

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It is comparatively easy at the present time in moral theory to slam both hedonism and apriorism.

Utilitarianism has been rightly called universal hedonism, as distinguished from the hedonism of Epicurus, which was egoistic.

Had she her secrets, as he had his, the secrets of his sullen hedonism?

For Egoistic Hedonism it is somewhat hard to find a single perfectly appropriate term.

Ethical Hedonism, as expounded by Mill, was morally inspiring by its dictate of readiness for absolute self-sacrifice.

Psychological Hedonism—the law of universal pleasure-seeking—attracted me by its frank naturalness.

This being so, Egoistic Hedonism becomes a possible ethical ideal to which psychological Hedonism seems to point.

It seems therefore important to subject psychological Hedonism, even in its more indefinite form, to a careful examination.

This seems to be in itself a sufficient objection to founding a deductive method of Hedonism on Mr. Spencers general conclusion.

A dubious guidance to an ignoble end appears to be all that the calculus of Egoistic Hedonism has to offer.