Suitableness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Suitableness:

We may use them in that measure of suitableness to our cases which they have.

Of the suitableness of the article I shall leave the reader to judge.

For in this image all my marriedness is a thing of outer Shape and Size and Suitableness.

Suitableness, diametrically opposed to Romance, is its keynote.

But this leaves untouched the attraction of his miscellaneous work, and its suitableness for the purpose of recreation.

It is easy to parody those lines, so as to give them an accommodation and suitableness to the present purpose.

Success in growing any crop is largely due to the suitableness of soil and climate to that crop.

The nature of the crime is here clearly denoted by the suitableness of the punishment.

Consider of our unity of nature with all men: suitableness breedeth and maintaineth love.

They derived the most favourable impression of the quality of the land and its suitableness for settlement.