Subversive [adjective]

Definition of Subversive:

rebellious, destructive

Synonyms of Subversive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Subversive:

Sentence/Example of Subversive:

They remained to carry on his subversive treacherous intrigues.

The doctrines inculcated in them were subversive of every principle of morality and religion.

Disapproval in the majority of cases would have been subversive of all discipline.

This is not subversive of inherited divisions of labor in the home.

Must I read about these things in the papers to keep up on subversive activity?

You mean it's sort of subversive not to spend money, is that it?

To criticize it is a mistake; it is even, if I may for once use a harsh word, subversive.

The family as subversive of true socialistic and communal unity is to be annihilated.

Flowers said indignantly, "But what's this charge that I'm participating in a subversive—"

This would be subversive of every thing like divine relationship.