Treasonous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Treasonous:

It is not possible; it would not be wise; it would be treasonous to the General Woo-san-Kwei.

But he has no right to involve you in these treasonous tricks of his.

It secured me his confidence—while strengthening his treasonous intention.

A treasonous step on this mule of a Bookseller's part, thinks Voltaire; but mulishly persisted in by the man.

But Richelieu discovered his treasonous relations with Spain and by this means defeated his plot.

Nor would he be this, but for a thought that inspires, while keeping him true to his treasonous intent.

Hadst thou been concerned in treasonous undertakings the matter would be plain.

Treasonous ambition in Macbeth collides with loyalty and patriotism in Macduff and Malcolm: here is the outward conflict.

Though a treasonous tool Of rebelry, he should be held by me A prisoner of knightliest war.

A treasonous tempest rises, and you stand A god indifferent when you should bethink Yourself most mortal.