Inflammatory [adjective]

Definition of Inflammatory:

instigative, angering

Synonyms of Inflammatory:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inflammatory:

Sentence/Example of Inflammatory:

Patients with Covid-19 can suffer from an inflammatory condition in which the immune system overreacts to the virus, causing damage that is worse than the infection itself.

For the body, VNS is potentially helpful for inflammatory bowel disease, likely through a pathway that includes certain types of neurons in the spleen—a pathway that biologists dub the “somatosensory autonomic pathway.”

We now see this multi-system, inflammatory condition can be fatal for kids, who average 8 years old.

Previously, Wang and colleagues showed that some T cells release TFF2 to tone down inflammatory responses, and that giving mice TFF2 can boost the immune system and slow tumor growth.

Timothy Wang, a gastroenterologist at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, and his colleagues went after them using an anti-inflammatory peptide called trefoil factor 2, or TFF2.

A key part of the body’s immune and inflammatory response is small proteins called cytokines.

All inflammatory and suppurative diseases cause leukocytosis, except when slight or well walled off.

On the 2d day the incisions were inflamed and there was a pale inflammatory stain around them.

The Girondists had recently been called in the journals and inflammatory speeches of their adversaries the Rolandists.

Inflammatory, obstructive, and membranous dysmenorrhoea are commonly made worse by marriage.