Estranged [verb]

Definition of Estranged:

destroy the affections of

Synonyms of Estranged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Estranged:

Sentence/Example of Estranged:

Experts caution against negating the history you share with an estranged loved one.

One allegedly lured his estranged wife to a hotel room, duct-taped her mouth and handcuffed her.

You will do more good for the relationship and this child’s ultimate well-being this way, than from afar as an estranged family member.

It is unclear who — beyond Paul, a libertarian often estranged from his party’s leadership — might take up the mantle.

The Kealohas are no longer the family they once were, with some members now estranged — including Katherine and Louis.

The memory of his father rose in his mind: he, too, estranged and defied; despair sharpened into wrath.

Then Bob had somehow kept his wife's love, and he, with senseless obstinacy, had estranged Helen.

You knew that I was estranged from my husband, and you knew what that so often means.

He was drawn into a series of deplorable controversies, which estranged him from many; but of his real friends he lost not one.

A short time ago they had been all in all to each other; and now so completely estranged as they were!