Monastic [adjective]

Definition of Monastic:

with communal life

Synonyms of Monastic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Monastic:

Sentence/Example of Monastic:

We will now see the monks at work, and spend a day with them in their monastic home.

Many were the efforts to reform the abuses which crept into the monastic houses.

But with the passage of centuries the church and monastic building of Sta.

The rest of the monastic buildings have been in ruins since the siege of 1832.

There's a monastic simplicity about this joint that endears it to me.

These things, and the like, are among the secrets of monastic life.

Monastic orders knew no (p. 341) distinction of nationality.

I wish you could have seen the camel who was my monastic jailer.'

I am not aware of Buckden having been the seat of a monastic establishment.

At that time all learning was in the hands of the clergy, the monastic orders, and the women.