Storytelling [noun]

Definition of Storytelling:

description, reading

Synonyms of Storytelling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Storytelling:

Sentence/Example of Storytelling:

John Lyly was ingenious; he combined good advice and storytelling.

"Yes," struck in Mrs. Protherick, eager to have a share in the storytelling.

In the theatre, as in storytelling, he was not unready to work to bouts-rimés.

The forest passion for storytelling had in no way decreased.

This bar-room used to be famous for drinking and storytelling, and sometimes fighting, in old times.

Cosmas had undoubtedly repeated his account many times, polishing his storytelling skills a little more with each occasion.

Retold with freshness and simplicity, these ancient tales are not only fun to read but also welcome new material for storytelling.

Dumb Crambo was made to yield its ultimate rhymes, and the storytelling in Old Coach was of the richest.

With feasting and fighting, with dancing and storytelling, quarrelling and reconciliations, the assemblage spent a happy week.

She had been talking all the afternoon, and had wound herself up to the storytelling pitch.