Statue [noun]

Definition of Statue:

trophy or memorial

Synonyms of Statue:

Opposite/Antonyms of Statue:


Sentence/Example of Statue:

"Men say it is not so grand as the statue of Zeus, that we have at Olympia," replied the boy.

From this marble Phidias sculptured a statue of Vengeance, which was called Rhamnusia.

In the garden of Anaxagoras, you will find a statue of Pallas, carved from an olive-tree.

We do not know which genius first discovered the use of pottery but he deserves a statue.

By the statue of Horace Greeley I stood a moment irresolute.

Reid sat in the dark, still as a statue; I clenched my hands and held silence.

Renmark stood motionless as a statue, an object lesson in self-control.

It was rumored that a statue by him had been exhibited in New York.

You are not a man--you are a fish of cold blood; a statue of iron!

By the awkwardness of the unpacker, the statue's thumb was broken.