Numeral [noun]

Definition of Numeral:

symbol of mathematical system

Synonyms of Numeral:

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Sentence/Example of Numeral:

And if these Kufic characters reached there, then why not the numeral forms as well?

We have in this paragraph examples of the use of three of the “numeral particles.”

Ordinal—That form of the numeral that shows the order of anything in a series.

Initial for hue, numeral above for value, numeral below for chroma.

He can not even say “two” correctly, without applying the numeral to some object.

This selection is divided into three parts, each headed with a Roman numeral.

Numeral adjectives are those which limit nouns as to number or order.

Numeral adjectives answer the question how many or in what order.

Well,” said I, “if that be so, you must have been skidding some when you went by that numeral.

In the hoist for 220 the second flag was the "substitute," duplicating the numeral "2."