Rightness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rightness:

Our pledge to these principles is constant, because we believe in their rightness.

He discovered again the feeling of rightness, sitting beside Gistla.

Strength and rightness do not depend on the past, but the present.

It is we who, perceiving the rightness of their achievement, pronounce it to be beautiful.

If The Leader could doubt the rightness of any of his actions, he doubted it then.

For all his words had cost him he was conscious of the rightness of the course he had taken.

Never once did any human question the rightness of that decision.

It had a rightness and a goodness about it which was perceptible for all its novelty.

A conviction as to the rightness or wrongness of vers libre is no guarantee of a poet.

They regarded their father with veneration, and never doubted the rightness of what he did.