Rightfulness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rightfulness:

Pratt then spoke at great length on the necessity and rightfulness of polygamy.

This brings up the whole question of the rightfulness of war.

The bystanders seemed to acquiesce in the justness and rightfulness of the action.

I will show the injustice which they suffer and the rightfulness of their resistance.

It is idle to make the rightfulness of an act the measure of sovereign power.

But the gentiles were not disposed to concede the rightfulness of these claims.

Actions may vary in rightfulness, according to the age and the person.

We will, therefore, quote some considerations touching the rightfulness of inquiry.

He grew up in a world where slavery had always existed, and where its rightfulness had never been questioned.

This question he answered in the affirmative sustaining the rightfulness of polygamy under the Christian dispensation.