Axiom [noun]

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With an ATP, a programmer can code in all the rules, or axioms, and then ask if a particular conjecture follows those rules.

He also showed that no candidate set of axioms can ever prove its own consistency.

It would mean that there exists a sequence of formulas built from these axioms that proves the formula that means, metamathematically, “This set of axioms is consistent.”

Gödel’s main maneuver was to map statements about a system of axioms onto statements within the system — that is, onto statements about numbers.

By the first theorem, this set of axioms would then necessarily be incomplete.

We’ve learned that if a set of axioms is consistent, then it is incomplete.

It is a generally accepted axiom that a public man cannot afford to be modest in these go-ahead days of "boom."

This truth is as old as Homer, and its proofs are as capable of demonstration as a mathematical axiom.

By this, OLeary understood that he was definitely adopted by virtue of the axiom of what was his was theirs.

That was an axiom on which was founded a vigorous war against all capillary adornments.