Enclosing [verb]

Definition of Enclosing:

put inside, surround

Synonyms of Enclosing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enclosing:

Sentence/Example of Enclosing:

Thus a straw rope enclosing twenty or more eggs, well protected, was made and thrown over the top of the load.

Compact felspar of a flesh-red hue, enclosing a few small crystals of reddish felspar and of quartz.

The foundations of walls enclosing about 50 acres are known to have existed a century and a half ago.

If you do not want it, please return it flat by pasting the enclosed stamped and addressed envelope on the enclosing envelope.

Instead of making for the mouth of the narrow valley we gained the end of one of its enclosing ridges and scouted along the slope.

It was on the north side of the choir, and rather awkwardly placed: only about three feet from the enclosing stone screen.

I saw also eyes, happy but determined, and thick waves of hair enclosing a blameless face.

Two letters were within it; one directed to Ellen Morris; the other,—enclosing a miniature—to herself.

Even with the Archer enclosing him, Nelsen's mind didn't quite reach.

The Doctor's right hand opened and shut as if enclosing in its grasp the collar of Hiram's coat.