Buttock [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Buttock:

But there are many reasons for supposing that stimulation of the buttock is especially apt to induce sexual excitement.

This was done quickly and scientifically, and it convinced Hodge that Bascomb could not work the cross-buttock on Merriwell.

Buy a few pounds of either salt brisket, thick or thin flank, or buttock of beef; these pieces are always to be had at a low rate.

It was about the buttock, sir, which he said was done different in Spain.

He gave her a hearty smack on the buttock, then held his arms wide and said "Off."

The upper round, occasionally called the buttock, is used for round steaks.

Bennillong drove a spear into his knee, and the husband another into his left buttock.

Guelliot has recorded the details of a case in which a pregnant woman was stabbed in the buttock.

The first, which is the only one indicated in the drawing, goes right across the buttock.

The bulls become black with age, excepting always the white stockings and a white patch on each buttock.