Buttocks [noun]

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Female nudity has been much more common than male nudity, and most of it tends to involve young, attractive women being showcased in a variety of erotic contexts, with an emphasis on their breasts and buttocks.

The most common seats are the back of the hands and the buttocks.

Chafed skin, particularly between the buttocks or in other folds and creases, should be kept free from soap.

For the local physical stimulation is not the only matter we have to consider in connexion with a whipping upon the buttocks.

Her legs were long, and her buttocks curved out sharply; those of Sauk women were flatter.

At the times of using the solution, all superfluous wool ought to be shorn from the buttocks, but not too closely.

His buttocks and thighs were disproportionately small, and his legs still more so.

Her breasts droop down, these investigators assert, her buttocks sweep low, her abdomen protrudes.

Though the antelope does not do any wireless wigwagging, the sudden flare of white buttocks is revealing.

Beyond him under a street lamp he saw a dimly illumined figure—big buttocks wagging before him under a thin calico skirt.