Convexity [noun]

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If the error is one of convexity, the polishing strokes are to be made along the chords, extending over the edge of the polisher.

The incisor teeth are remarkably curved in their long axes, with a convexity in front.

Brilliant shafts radiated from the convexity of the arch, coming and going silently.

Its edges are turned downward, enclosing the sporangia, when they are young, and sometimes this convexity is permanent.

This convexity is rendered possible by the support afforded by the basal edges of the six midribs.

North of that river the parallel chains of the Jura form an arc of a circle with its convexity towards the north-west.

The valve having the greater convexity has the larger spines, though usually less of them.

In so doing, he did not reason why; he was merely following precedent that had created this incomprehensible convexity.

Their faces present a slight convexity, the total protuberance at the base being rather more than an inch and three-tenths.

This term in Anatomy denotes any unnatural protuberance or convexity of the body, as a person hunched, or hump-backed.