Doubling [verb]

Definition of Doubling:

make two of; make twice as large

Synonyms of Doubling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Doubling:

Sentence/Example of Doubling:

Although that percentage remains small, if the doubling trend from Europe holds, the variant could account for most cases in the US by mid-March.

He threw the Matin on the grass, and, doubling himself up in his chair regarded her earnestly.

I grabbed hold of the vise-locking screw to keep my knees from doubling under me.

The doubling of the Cape of Good Hope being the last important event, which he places in 1497.

And that motor parts plant on the outskirts with its heavy back-log of defense orders that had compelled a doubling of its help.

Before doubling a suit declaration a player should feel almost certain that he is as strong as the declarer.

Doubling by the third hand is universally understood to mean that the player has a very strong suit which he can establish.

A few minutes later he hallooed for Hale, and down there showed him the tracks doubling backward along a foot-path.

"Nay, I wanna thinking-g o' that," Ned replied, strongly doubling the "g" that terminated the present participle.

Two days more he spent in doubling a cape, and five more in sailing about a large gulf.