Hotchpotch [noun]

Definition of Hotchpotch:

mess, mix-up

Synonyms of Hotchpotch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hotchpotch:

Sentence/Example of Hotchpotch:

Whole volumes of that great hotchpotch of criticism are lost in the sandbanks of my treacherous memory for ever.

The intellectual basis had been lulled to sleep by that hotchpotch of convention and largeness that we call the Victorian Era.

The nature of the hotchpotch will be understood from a recital of some of its contents, in their chronological order.

Many a poisonous hotchpotch hath evolved in our cellars: many an indescribable thing hath there been done.

As old Simon said, his wife knew no rival in the art of preparing hotchpotch.

First they ate "hotchpotch," soup with the meat swimming in capital broth.

Their religion is a hotchpotch of Shamanism, Mahommedanism and Christianity.