Disproof [noun]

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Nor is it enough that science can urge nothing in disproof—the onus probandi lies with those who affirm.

To suppose the reference to be to an epistle carried by Titus and now lost, is to suppose what is incapable of proof or disproof.

This truth can be yet further elucidated by the very illustration which Mill cities in disproof of it.

The Encyclopedia Britannica declares that this fact alone affords overwhelming disproof of Mosaic authorship.

Is this one of the reasons why the believer is able to continue a believer in spite of all disproof?

Nothing, he would doubtless have said, is worth disputing in disproof of, which if proved would not be worth giving thanks for.

Disproof is the one thing that will now avail; and to anything short of that no one should again for an instant listen.

This, indeed, expresses his permanent views, though the facts were often alleged by his critics as a disproof of them.

A disproof of relations between sciences would in itself constitute a philosophy of the sciences.

Her escape was an overwhelming disproof of the adverse theories expressed against her, and an entire victory for Nansen.