Receipt [noun]

Definition of Receipt:

acknowledgment of delivery

Synonyms of Receipt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Receipt:


Sentence/Example of Receipt:

He thought I was at the bottom of the sea, and the receipt with me.

I have to acknowledge the receipt of your two letters, dated 23d and 25th inst.

I have to acknowledge the receipt of your favours of the 22d and 29th ult.

Yates had one receipt for making the acquaintance of all mankind.

I ought yesterday to have acknowledged the receipt of your parcel.

I'll take a receipt, but you needn't mention this to Mr. Graham just now.

She bent forward and examined it,—a receipt signed by her mother's shaking hand.

I made out the receipt, and gave him an order to take the group from my studio in Paris.

He has given his receipt in full; or had it forced from him rather.'

"Seems to me this receipt sounds skimpin'," was his comment.