Deputation [noun]

Definition of Deputation:

group of representatives

Synonyms of Deputation:

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Sentence/Example of Deputation:

The conservative senate sent a deputation to Bonaparte, expressing their desire that he would accept the title of emperor.

It was stated by the deputation that 5,000 families were dependent on the jewellery trades in Birmingham.

The result of that meeting was a deputation sent to the king, insisting on the adoption of the entire Spanish constitution.

It was becoming others that by deputation they testified to their approval of the step taken at the great disruption.

His abdication was signed, and doubtless by that time a deputation was on its way to Vienna to offer the throne to Prince Alix.

I regarded this appalling deputation as Parvill's apologetic but quite definite utterances drew to an end.

The mayor, meanwhile, had despatched a deputation to Morris Island with formal intelligence of the evacuation.

In 1806 the President repeated the same promise to another deputation of Osage chiefs then here.

But the home government had come to a determination on the subject before the arrival of the deputation.

That very night a deputation of stockholders waited upon the editor of the Herald and prescribed a change of climate.