Delegation [noun]

Definition of Delegation:

assignment of responsibility

Opposite/Antonyms of Delegation:

Sentence/Example of Delegation:

After the visit in Israel and the UAE last week, Kushner and his delegation traveled to Bahrain.

I polled the members of San Diego’s state delegation on their desire for a special session.

In fact, none of the previous three attorneys general took a monthlong leave that required the delegation of their authority to another state employee, according to the Department of Law.

Their intention was to highlight the injustice and illegitimacy of the official delegation, and they hoped to take their places on the convention floor.

School leaders pushed their local legislative delegations to restore the money.

Sir, a consumer's delegation wishes to speak with you about the new Birthday Quotas.

"Hand these around that delegation, Soldier," he said, shoving a stack of Schedules 1219B across his desk toward the girl.

Urged by a delegation of music-loving consumers, the tubist raised his ravaged horn.

When I got home from the village a couple of evenings ago a bareheaded delegation met me at the road gate with bad news.

Shortly after the house was opened a delegation of boys appeared asking for the use of the large room for a boys' club.